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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  March 19, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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. you're watching cbs 5, eyewitness news on the cw. rain saturated ground and causes a building to come crashing down on a house in the east bay. the other problems we have seen from today's storm. >> this is just the beginning a very strong storm make its way across the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy. >> president obama authorizes limited military action against libya. unbelievable video. watch from inside as a tsunami in jaan japan overtakes a car driving down a road. good evening.
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i'm ann notarangelo. among the problems today, power outages and falling trees, including a 100' oak. we have lawrence karnow in the weather center with what we can expect in the overnight hours, but we begin with don knapp in the middle of it now. >> reporter: that is right ann. high wind advisories up for the bay bridge, the san mateo and 30 miles per hour one on the golden gate bridge. crews removed a 90' oak that crashed on a house in walnut creek this evening. rain saturated ground gave way, dropping the tree onto the roof, knocking out skylights and poking holes. no one was hurt. earlier today wind and rain shut down highway 84 road as falling trees brought down
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powerlines and the rain triggered landslides. the road was re-opened around 6:00 this evening. the usually high-water trouble spots were just under 6' and rise, but well below its banks. and nowhere near flood stage. this stretch of road looks like it could be in the sierra. it's bear gulch road before noon today. that is not snow. it's hail. >> reporter: hail has been falling around the bay since late friday. this came down in albany with a storm that included thunder and lightning. >> we were inside and all of these particles went down on our window and the whole house was just shaking. >> reporter: it was night quite a snow day on friday, but after-
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school hail provided some fun for these carbon dioxides who were sliding on a slick layer of icy slush that covered a parking lot in richmond. funnel clouds were seen in a couple of plays, this one off the coast at the cliff house. >> that was crazy. >> reporter: she did not see, but heard what may have been a tornado that ripped through her san josi nursery. >> i looked out the window and it took that shed and flipped it up and blew it over to pacific street. and then it snapped some of the wires and they had sparks and we all ran out there and checked out pacific and were calling 911. >> reporter: wind and rain and what else? for that answer, here is cbs5 meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> next three to four hours will be something else around the bay area. the main brunt of the system i believe is it crossing onshore a little early. you can see the yellows and oranges out there. you see this band here? this is what i'm really
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concerned about. this is where i think we'll have our heaviest amounts of rain as that band is about to push onshore. seeing rain into the santa cruz mountains and watching possibilities of the flash flooding. and the further north you go, heavy rain moving into pacific and san francisco and into parts of north bay as well. we're expecting heavy rain across the bay area and gusty winds. i mentioned advisorys. we have flash flood watches in the santa cruz mountains and a high-wind warning in the mountains as well. we're expecting some trees to come down and the ground is completely saturatated saturated. around the coastline, gusting to 45 and wouldn't be surprised to see gusts stronger than that. so yeah, we could definitely see power outages across the bay area, probably in the next to three hours.
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that is it for weather. ann, back to you. thank you. it's the first international war effort since the iraqi war started eight years. the us and al lies launched an attack against libya. scott goldberg shows us the airstrike. >> reporter: us and britain fired cruise missiles from warships and submarines in the mediterranean sea. it strucker than 20 integrated air system and other facilities. >> reporter: the operation dubbed "odyssey dawn," is part of an international campaign to stop attacks by libyan leader muammar gaddafi against his own people. >> we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercery. >> reporter: earlier in the day french fighter jets destroyed remember ises in if the rebel-
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held city of benghazi. the strikes came after an emergency summit of top officials from the us, europe and arab countries, attended by secretary of state hillary clinton in paris. gaddafi called libya tv to say the state will defend itself and vowed to supply his citizens with weapons so that they can retaliate. libyan officials claimed that the attacks hit civilians, but that couldn't be verify. the no-fly zone was authorized by the united nations thursday and since then, as secretary of clinton putted, gaddafi has defied the world and his attacks on civilians go on. a plane was shot down saturday. the libyan government denied any plane had gone down. mr. before the allied attacks, gaddafi sent planes, trains
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tanks and troops into benghazi. scott goldberg for cbs news, new york. first the earthquake and tsunami. and then the nuclear crisis. now a new source of fear in japan. radiation in the food supply. charlie d'agata has more on that and a progress report. >> reporter: fears about contamination from the crippled fukushima nuclear plant are growing after testing of spinach and milk showed elevated levels of radiation. >> the sample of these food products recorded radiation levels that is over the limit stipulated in food safety law. >> reporter: radio absentive iodine was found in tap waters afar away as tokyo. some nuclear experts say the findings are not cause for worry just yet. >> the amount of radiation, even that has been detected in the food so far in japan, while it's above normal safety limits, it poses no substantial health threat. workers keep spraying water on
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the most vulnerable areas of the fukushima playing for peanuts and at same time trying to restore power, though it's unclear if that will restart the plant's cooling system. >> we do not know if the water pumps have been damaged and if they will work when the power is restored. >> reporter: the spread of radiation is just one of the many concerns for displaced residents still in shelters like this one in niigata city. the amount of refugees is now topping 450,000. those who still have a home are cleaning up, surrounded everywhere they go by devastating destruction. officers study adi map, directing the search team looking for survivors in the mountain of debris, but they are not finding any. the death toll has risen to more than 7600 with over 11,000 people still missing. in niigata, japan, charlie d'agata, cbs 5. you can support disast every relief efforts to help
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those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in japan. text the words "red cross to 90999 to donate $10 or visit incredible new video out of jawan shows the driver of a car being hit by the tsunami. take a look at this. the camera in the car captured it and it begins to pour over the embankment. the car is overtaken by the wave and swept away with it. the driver says the water was more than 6' high and he eventually managed to get out and was not hurt. the damage estimate from the tsunami that hit the harbor. officials say more than $44 million in damage was done. governor brown declared states of emergency in six counties and issued executive orders to cut through the red tape to
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speed recovery. an ammonia leak at the water treatment plant noticed a leak this morning. >> it's really a good thing somebody was onsite to notice the leak when it happened. and that we have been able to contain the incident to 250- gallons and that we have had no injuries reported either from us or the public. >> the leak was caused by a broken instrument probe. it was eight years ago today that the us began the war with iraq. today hundreds garnered to protest. what they say about today's offensive against libya.. what you are likely is see
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the next time you get alatee or buy a pound of coffee. a sad to watch a polar bear rejected by his mother and his death at just 4 years old.
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christopher has died. christopher headed the state department-- during president clinton's administra o 1997. during tha . former secretary of state warren christopher has died. he head the state department from 1993 to 1998 and during that time he played a key role in negotiating peace efforts in bosnia and in the middle east. he also represented al gore in the dispute over the 2000
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presidential election. christopher died from bladder and kidney cancer at his home in los angeles last night. he was 85. eight years ago, forces led by the united states invaded iraq. today as protesters marked that grim anniversary, unrest in the middle east continues and the us begins airstrikes in libya. anne makovec talked to protesters. >> reporter: carrying umbrellas, protest signs passion, hundreds came to this protest in san francisco, commemorating the eighth anniversary of the iraq war. this rally and march was planned long before that anybody knew that the us was to start airstrikes on libya, but nobody seems surprised. >> we have heard this before, no-fly zone and such. libya has oil. >> reporter: david peterson made this sign hours before airstrikes began. >> you can look at the past and get an idea what is likely
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coming down the road. >> reporter: but even in this group, some people were torn about military action in libya. >> i actually support them and i do think it might be appropriate at this point. >> it's a gray area. that is what is difficult about it, but i don't like any time we get involved militarily. >> reporter: for a lot of protesters it come downs to dollars and cents. >> we don't have enough money for healthcare, for pension, for social security, but we have enough money to fight wars. people here don't buy it. >> reporter: so this protest marched to join another one, a labor moment at a union square hotel. there were also signs for education funding, anti-racism and this guy, who thinks serving wrong. don't you kind of lose your message then? >> i don't think so, because i think that the reality is that we're fighting against the big corporations and banks and military industrial complex,
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the oil companies. that who is really the heart of the problem. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs are 5. coffee connoisseurs as well as the coffee industry are getting jittery. prices are going up. prices at are their highest levels in 14 years and you know what that means? it's forcing roasters andlatee and latte makers to raise their prices. it will be a while before a collapsed section of highway 11 back open to traffic. engineers say a two-mile stretch north of big sur will be closed for at least a month. it slid into the ocean wednesday. contractors started to repair the road yesterday. highways 101, and 68 will be used as detours until it's
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fixed. if you just heard lawrence, you might want to stay off the roads, at least through the overnight hours, right, lawrence? >> the you can see the cars out there right now, but plenty of rain coming down all around the bay area just we have seen some pretty impressive winds now as well. the doppler radar picking up as the frontal system is really moving onshore now into the san josi area, you are getting rain and moderate amounts of rain in spots and even heavier through the santa cruz mountains. we're looking at brunt of system coming onshore right now. so i think we're getting through this the next three to four hours. sonoma, heavy amounts of rain and petaluma as well. we have had a lot of wind with the system around the bay area tonight and we continue to see that. we had a gust of 55 miles per
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hour. 52 miles per hour, 56 now that n-sausalito/los gatos. >> check out this area of low pressure. the core of this low is controlling next to the bay area. that is why the winds are ramping up tonight and that is why we're seeing the heavy rain. we're going to see some significant rainfall and those gusty winds, maybe 1.5", maybe 2" of rain in parts of the north barks 1.5" and east bay, 2-4" in the santa cruz mountains. here is your system developing off the coastline, moving onshore. you have another area of low pressure off the backside. that is going to rotate closer and will bring it more showers and so rain continuing off and on for tonight. our computer models you can see the brunt of this coming in.
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as you wake up tomorrow morning, waking up to scattered showers around the bay area. wouldn't be surprised if we see a couple of thunderstorms in some of these cells. so you get the idea, it's going to be a wet sunday around the bay area, but not as wet as it is right now. temperatures mainly in the 50s. we're looking towards springing. here it is, folks. it's looking very much like the dead heart of winter as we seeing more storms moving in. maybe a break on tuesday. as we head into wednesday and thursday, another significant storm brings with it more heavy rain and wind. that one worries me a little bit. that one wants to hang around for a while. the ground of ground is so saturated right now and if we get them back-to-back-to-back like that, that is when we have to worry about flooding in the bay area. >> you have been busy. >> very busy. if it's not one thing, it's another. >> thank you, lawrence. tonight there is military and sadness surrender, the
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famous polar bear, knut. in 2006 you may remember he became the first polar bear in 30 years to be born at the berlin year. he spent 44 day an incubator because his mom rejected him. he lived to be 4 years old and a necropsy is set for monday. >> and how people are helping those in jap and the words of wisdom from those who insist they have to do something. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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asians i g school. in h andria . a ucla student who posted a racist rant by asian is leaving school. in her youtube video she said derogatory things about asians and her family. her rant sparked death threats and condemned by school officials. she withdraw from school. >> you can get a chance to see
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charie sheen make his rants right here in the bay area. tickets went on sale today for the show. the actor added a dozen more tour days, including san francisco. he is scheduled to perform at the masonic. warner brothers fired "the two and a half men" star last week. the catastrophe in japan has inspired people from all around the world to help. some of the most touching fundraising efforts have come from children. >> reporter: with tsunami relief on their mind, kids with a fundraiser raised money. in atlanta? >> it really makes me want to help those people. >> reporter: kindergartener tuesday muse saw the destruction on television and
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like kids all over, she is trying to make sense of its unthinkable. >> i was, how could i help? could i do a sale or something like that? i was like, i'm a good artist. >> reporter: hirsfirst her mom helped her sell her old artwork and so far she has raised more than $2500. they she helped recruit 40 of her friends to paint. >> this dude in new york state, he thought if someone would paint him a picture he would give $1,000 for the tsunami relief. hi sophia. >> reporter: so they all got to work. for kids everywhere, tuesday's mother says japan's calamity hits home. >> if she see another kid's house being destroyed and they do think about that and they
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can empathize. >> reporter: from haiti, joseph and jeffrey are 14 years old still living in tents after last year's earthquake here. in their despair, they linked to japan with plastic scraps made into bracelets. $10, $200 so far. moved like all of these kids to send hope in whatever way they can. mark straussman, cbs news, atlanta. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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were wrong. tied at 70, one point 4 seconds . experts said no. 1 seed pittsburgh had the easiest rad to the final four and boy, were they wrong. tied at 81 and .4seconds on the
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clock. gilbert brown missed the free- throw. matt howard grabs the rebound and is fired and come downs with the ball. two days after liz putback at buzzer, howard comes through for the bulldogs with the game winning free-throw. >> they end up going to double white. aztecs up in double overtime after the fade away jump shot. aztecs play uconn. the zags officially got jimmered by the player, your candidate, jimmer fredette and byu wins. >> and the sharks hosting the blue. pavolski with his first career hat-trick. plenty of folks in the south
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bay without their hats. >> join us 11:00 and we have a whole bunch more sports with march madness underway. good night. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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